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Holiday Detox Kickoff Plan

It’s that time of year again. When holiday parties and festivities have us eating and drinking our way into reveling merriment. It’s a joyous time of family, friends and feasting. But take it too far and holiday festivities can quickly find a permanent resting place on your hips. Between fattening foods, alcohol, desserts and spending more time watching football on the couch than actually engaging in it, the holidays can quickly take a toll on your health.

Start the holidays off right this year with our Holiday Kickoff Detox Plan. Kicking bad sugar habits and cravings to the curb before the start of holiday season will make it much easier to control yourself when that large platter of tantalizing hor d’oeuvres makes its way around the room.

No Sugar Detox Plan

January 1st was over nine months ago. Chances are you’ve dropped your New Year’s resolution by now (if not, good for you!). That’s okay! You’re human. We slip up in our dieting and exercise goals all the time! Don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, get back on track with a sugar detox. We live in an over-sugared nation. Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners are placed in just about everything – even places you wouldn’t suspect. A sugar detox is a simple way help your body kick cravings to the curb and keep your eyes smaller than your stomach. Follow our body-loving guidelines and free yourself of sugar’s diabolical hold.

Why a Sugar Detox?

There are many benefits to a sugar detox, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower body fat composition
  • Boosted energy
  • better gut health
  • Improved mood
  • Fewer wrinkles and clearer complexion
  • Less inflammation
  • Better sleep

Set Your Commitment

Before beginning your holiday detox, it’s important that you set the intentions of your detox. Write it down. Define your goals and set how long your will commit to this holiday detox for. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. We recommend nothing less than three full days, as that’s the least amount of time your body needs to release toxins and gain control over your cravings. To keep it easy, there’s a 21 Day Detox with a comprehensive guide, community support and a full library of growing resources to motivate you through your detox.

What’s Allowed During The Holiday Detox

Rather than focus on what’s not allowed during the sugar detox, focus on what is allowed. You’ll be indulging in whole, real, nutrient-packed foods. Foods that will heal your body and give you bursts of energy. There are 100’s of recipes you can find online that are delicious and will satisfy any craving your stomach might rumble up.

Kick It Into High Gear

During your sugar detox, your body will have periods of discomfort. You are kicking an addiction after all. You may find yourself feeling lethargic, hungry, irritated or with a headache. The best way to ease the pains of a detox is to sweat it out. Hit the gym. Come to Purlife for one of our many fitness classes. Exercise is proven to relieve pains and increase mood with its heart pumping nature. When feeling unmotivated just remember, getting started is the hard part – everything else comes easy.

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