Personal Training: 6 things your trainer wish you’d know

Personal Training: 6 things your trainer wish you’d know

When considering Personal Training many people believe that a personal trainer is some kind of super athlete that they hire to force them to break a sweat. But Personal Trainers would like you to know a few hidden aspects of their job.

1.The Personal Trainer is usually as nervous as you are about your first session

they know that if you are signing up for personal training you are confident and probably have high expectations about the results you will get. The pressure is on them to motivate their clients and make their investment of time and money well worthy.

2.Your workout outfit is important

but not in the way you are thinking. Wearing baggy clothes to hide your body will only make it more difficult for your trainer to identify your problem areas. We are not talking about dressing in a skimpy outfit, but rather, something that will allow you to move comfortably during you personal training session.

3.You are in charge of your personal training

it may seem like the trainers are in control but they are actually following your cues. If you are chatty they will engage, if you are conservative, they will keep a distance. As soon as you start showing what you are able to do, they will improve your routine. So don’t cheat yourself by sticking to the light weights and slow paced treadmill.

4.Don’t work out on an empty stomach

you may think your are burning more fat but it is actually depriving your muscles of the energy they needed to get stronger. find the best pre-workout snacks for you.

5 Remember that muscles come in pairs

we are symmetric beings and we should give both sides the same attention. When finishing on series of repetitions on the right side, don’t wait for it, go ahead and work the left side.

6 Don’t give up after you missed a few sessions

you may think that all your previous work is lost but it is not. It is more important to get back then regret it; your trainers will not judge you since they sometimes skip a workout too.

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