Downtown Delray Beach Gym

Downtown Delray Beach Gym

Downtown Delray Beach Gym – Purlife Fitness Center

Are you looking for a Downtown Delray Beach gym? Purlife is a state of the art gym and more. We offer personalized programs, the best personal trainers, a wide assortment of classes and a nutritional juice bar.

Personalized Programs

When you first become a member of our Downtown Delray Beach gym, you will receive a complete physical assessment. A Purlife advisor will construct you a fitness and nutrition program. This program is created just for you. Our professionals are highly trained fitness experts. We will figure out the exercises and diet plan best suited to your body type and goals.

Personal Trainers

Our certified personal trainers are some of the industry’s best. They will motivate you to push harder than ever before. They will create a customized workout program based on your level of fitness. This allows you to safely achieve fast results. You don’t know what your body can do until the right person is there to push you.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to get in shape. They provide many different types of training. The group atmosphere makes exercise more fun. Your classmates and instructor will have an eye on your success. This keeps you working hard and will ensure you keep good form. Our Downtown Delray Beach gym offers classes starting as early as 5:45am and as late as 6:30pm. Our class schedule includes:

  • PurEndurance
  • PurAssault
  • PurPower
  • PurCardio
  • PurBootcamp
  • PurYoga

Juice Bar

Working out hard can make you very hungry. It is also important not to work out on an empty stomach. You don’t want to eat anything too heavy. You need to eat high protein, energy building foods. Our Downtown Delray Beach gym has a full service juice bar. We serve:

  • Freshly Made Organic Juices: Quench your thirst and fill your belly with our delicious juices. We custom make any flavor combination you order.
  • Prepared Meals: Our Downtown Delray Beach gym staff understands you have a busy life. It is often difficult to find time to cook. We offer a variety of health lunches and dinners.
  • Raw Vegan Snacks: Kept cold and delivered fresh, they are the perfect post-work out snack.

Purlife Fitness Center

If you are looking for a Downtown Delray Beach gym, come check out Purlife. We are conveniently located in Pineapple Grove and offer free 3-day trial memberships. This free trial membership includes access to all of our classes. Call us at 561-852-9200 for more information.

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