The Delray Beach Gym of the Future

The Delray Beach Gym of the Future

While other Delray Beach Gym’s continue to give lackluster service, obsolete machines, and pushy personal trainers, there is hope. A gym, so technologically advance, so health-centric, it will blow you away. Purlife is a shining jewel in downtown Delray Beach. Nestled inside Pineapple Grove, Purlife offers state of the art equipment, impressive customer service, and an impressive roster of trainers. This Delray Beach Gym is not one to miss.

State of the Art Equipment

Cardio is usually pretty boring, watching the dot move around the track on the display, or the level of intensity often doesn’t offer much encouragement. The machines at Purlife take Cardio light years ahead of other fitness centers. All of the cardio machines at Purlife’s Delray Beach Gym boast the Precor P80 Cardio Entertainment Console. This futuristic interface allows you to watch HD TV, High-Speed Internet, Video OnDemand, Netflix, and even charge your devices. Cardio seems a lot easier when you are binge-watching your favorite show. Purlife also offers the latest workout machines, varying ranges of free weights, and challenging classes.

Customer Service

Delray Beach Juice Bar

When you walk into a Gym in Delray Beach, you want the process to be simple. Scan your tag get in, and get out. This process doesn’t always make going to the gym a simple regiment. Purlife makes going to the gym an experience you can’t wait to get back to week after week. When you enter Purlife, you are always met with a friendly greeting and a fresh towel. After your workout, you will experience spa-like locker rooms with fresh towels for use with the shower area. On your way out you can stop at the PurBar for a healthy snack or a fresh cold pressed juice. There is also a full organic hair salon PurStrands perfect for a sweet style for a night out on the Ave after an excellent workout. Purlife truly is a full service Delray Beach Gym

Talented Trainers

If you want to push your training to the next level Purlife offers a full spectrum of classes as well as personal training. There are many categories including PurCardio, PurEndurance, and PurPower, a workout dedicated to low rep, high weight style muscle developments. The multifaceted team of trainers brings you high-quality workout schedules as well as one on one training. Purlife doesn’t disappoint when it comes to setting itself apart from other Delray Beach Gym’s.

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