What Are the Best Gym Workouts for Women?

You’re ready to start taking your health a lot more serious, and we can help. Finding the best gym workouts for women is easy when you have our amazing personal trainers to guide you. Our Delray Beach Fitness Center specializes in gym workouts for women and many other personalized approaches to improving physical fitness. Everyone wants a fitness plan that fits their life and their personal goals.

At Purlife, personal goals are our top priority. Our fitness philosophy is solely focused on you. You won’t find any cookie-cutter strategies in our gym. We work hard to improve the quality of life for our members. That’s why we extend the Purlife experience far beyond the traditional confines of a “workout”. Our fitness center empowers individuals to make healthier choices in their eating. We highlight the importance of nutrition and clean eating at PurBar, our in-house organic juice bar, serving great food options from sun up to sun down. We emphasize the importance of mental health and brain fitness.

Best Gym Workouts for Women

Our PurMind classes are extremely popular for their stress relief and transcendent environment. This thirty-minute class guides you in deep meditation and relaxation.

Pur Endurance is the go-to workout for you. These high-intensity workouts are geared towards toning and defining your entire body for optimal results. By utilizing low weights and high reps our trainers whip your body into shape and produce pure endurance.

Pur Cardio is a fitness favorite because of the heart pumping beats and positive vibes throughout the entire workout. Our Pur Cardio class is forty-five extreme minutes of cardio intervals and healthy heart drills. This class is perfect for improving the physical condition of your heart and lungs.

PurYoga delivers on it’s name. This zen intensive workout focuses on centering your body and lengthening your limbs so that you can reach a place of peace. The class provides a well-blended balance of yoga and core exercises giving the perfect gym workouts for women.

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