Spring is here! The best season to shed some winter weight and get a bikini-ready body. It is now exactly 90 days until the first summer. It is time to dust up your running shoes and Spring into shape. The beginning of a new season can be nothing more than an opportunity to review your current workout, set new goals and move forward. Purlife trainers have a few tips to encourage you.

Get New Spring Workout Gear

Some people feel great satisfaction in getting new workout gear. If that is, your case goes ahead and invest in a new pair of exercise shoes or new athletic outfits. Try on comfortable clothes with bright colors, to match the mood of the season.

Freshen up your snack choices

With the temperatures rising it is important to adapt your pre and post-workout snacks. Fresh fruit is always a good option for snacks on the go. Focus on energy packed foods before you exercise and lots of hydration after. A healthy diet shouldn’t center only on losing weight, but also gaining lean muscle. Protein-packed foods are perfect to keep hunger away while building muscle mass.

Try a new Group Class

If you have kept your new year resolution and have been exercising for a while, now is a good time to mix your workout routine a little. Take Spring as an excuse to try a new group class or get guidance from a personal trainer. Purlife offers nine group classes that range from light stretching, to core fitness until tough endurance. Whatever your current level, you will find a challenging group that matches your fitness goals.

Sign up for a Race or Charity walk

While mentioning goals, it is good to point out how very energizing it is to work towards a set goal. Your Spring into Shape goal may be to lose those extra pounds gained during the holidays, or just get to feel comfortable on your own skin again. A fun way to push yourself to exercise is to sign up for a Charity Walk or Run with a few friends. With a set deadline and the accountability of workout buddies, you won’t feel that going to the gym is a chore but a social entertainment.

If you are already part of the Purlife family,check out our schedule and come and try a new class. If you are unsure about joining the gym this Spring, sign up for our FREE 3-Day Trial and talk to one of our personal training staff members on what they can do for you.