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A Small Group Gym in Delray Beach

An Intimate Gym In Delray Beach

Step into our Delray Beach Fitness Center at Purlife and you’ll quickly realize one thing: we’re not your everyday gym. There’s no open cattle call or fighting for machines. Our gym in Delray Beach is geared toward creating pristine workout conditions for small group training classes – and there’s a reason for that. Aside for the obvious reasons, like building a tight community focused on fitness, small group training classes are best in helping you achieve your fitness lifestyle goals.


I’m kind of tired today. I have laundry to do. I’m feeling a little sore… Get your head out of your cloud of excuses and to your team training! Bailing on the gym can be all too easy when you’re going by your lonesome which makes small group training an excuse killer. We all hate that feeling of letting someone down, so just imagine how guilty you’ll feel knowing you let an entire team of fitness buddies down just so you could finish a Netflix marathon. Now imagine how good you’ll feel at a social post workout social binge with friends? Do your mind, body and social life a solid and stay accountable to those gym buddies staying accountable to you.


Sometimes regular one-on-one personal training sessions aren’t financially feasible at the moment. All our small group training classes are included in your Delray Beach gym membership giving you access to the workout structure only a trainer can provide. We keep groups small so trainers can still tailor personal attention to individuals as needed without breaking the bank.


Balancing work, family, friends, a social life, fitness and personal time into a full week can be exhausting in itself. But combining some of those elements? Now that we can do. Tie your family, friends, and social life together under the umbrella of fitness for a healthy outing. Whether you’re working together toward a common fitness goal or simply looking to bond over a little sweaty adrenaline, small group training can fit into everyone’s schedule.

Fun Times

Try not to laugh when you look over at your friend as they’re gritting it through a PurPower lifting session and try not to laugh. Hitting our gym in Delray Beach with friends is a guaranteed good time and will make your workout feel less like a chore. Small group training makes a workout that seemed a bit terrifying less intimidating to have others do it by your side. Knowing your gym buddy is there not only helps your to loosen up and have more fun, but push past fitness comfort zones to overcome goals you never imagined. Plus, laughter burns extra calories.


When fitness accountability, affordability, convenience and fun all come together in one gym, you get one thing: results. Friendly competitions does the body good and seeing someone sweat along side of you will empower you to push through that last set. Just like in a personal training session, your small group trainer will help you measure results to see the big picture and track personal progress. Seeing consistent gains in results will keep you and your fitness posse motivated to hit the gym and strive on in fitness goals.

Check out our small group fitness schedule to find a class convenient and empowering for you.

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