Queenax Functional Training

Queenax Functional Training

Purlife Delray Queenax Functional TrainingPrecor is a gym equipment provider and the first in the industry to manufacture equipment designed to utilize space fully. Purlife is proud to be the first Florida gym to feature their revolutionary Queenax workout system. There are many benefits to Queenax Functional Training. The advantages include diversifying your workout, making working out more fun and allowing you to do many exercises in the same general space.

Advantages of Using Queenax Functional Training

Diverse workouts. Queenax Functional Training allows members to diversify their workouts better. Because the system fully utilizes the gym’s space, it allows the gym to offer members a wider selection of exercises. Regardless of the area, you want to target or the exercise style you prefer, you will have a multitude of activities available to you. The system utilizes every bit of space, offering members 220 different exercises.

Enjoyable workouts. Queenax Functional Training provides an enjoyable workout. Because you have such a wide selection of activities to choose from, you will never get bored. Examples of exercises include boxing, pull ups, swings, and ladder climbing. The diversity will keep you entertained and motivated. Purlife’s professional fitness trainers can show you how to maximize your workout using Queenax Functional Training.

Takes less space. Queenax Functional Training allows you to perform all these exercises within a small area. Because everything is close together, you do not have to run back and forth across the gym. You will be able to devote your time to exercising instead of finding fitness equipment. Everything is centrally located, keeping you focused on fitness for the duration of your workout.

Fast results. Purlife Fitness educates its members on how to fully utilize this advanced equipment. Our fitness trainers will help you get the most out of your workout so you can achieve greater results in a shorter time frame. With the right training, Queenax Functional Training can provide a better workout than you have ever experienced.

Free 3-day Pass

If you would like to try Queenax Functional Training, give us a call at 561-852-9200. Our friendly receptionist can provide you with information about our free 3-day passes. The trial membership will give you access to Queenax Functional Training, group fitness, certified personal trainers and more. Purelife provides everything you need to reach your fitness goals.