The year’s coming to an end. 2015 – you were good to us this year. As we spend the next month celebrating with family and friends, how many of us can confidently say we’ve kept this year’s fitness resolution? Luckily, the new year brings a new opportunity to set fitness goals. One of the best ways to kick it in gear is by signing up for a gym membership. And at Purlife Fitness Center in Delray Beach, we’re offering some pretty amazing sign-up specials. Here’s out tip on how to get started with your new gym membership and keep it going strong all year long.

December Gym Membership Promo

Take advantage of Purlife’s December gym membership sign-up promotion:

Free 3-Day Trial Pass! (For Local Residents) plus a $25 Gift Card, Backpack, Water Bottle, Plush Towel, and PreCor Calorie Tracking Armband with Membership Purchase thru December!

When you signup with Purlife, you membership begins with personal coaching from one of our fitness advisors and personal trainers. We believe in building your personalized fitness routine upon a strong foundation. During this session your Purlife coach will set you up a fitness and nutritional plan tailored directly to you. They will assess your fitness level and teach you proper form for effective and safe training.

Track Your Goals & Progress

Write down everything. Identify your fitness goals, make a plan with your personal trainer and write it down. Changes to your body happen gradually, not overnight, and it’s important to understand where you began to see how far you’ve come. We make it easy at Purlife with heart monitors and other performance trackers that record your workout which you can access at any time. Take a look at your schedule ahead of time and mark which days and times you’ll commit to the gym – then stick with it. Once you become a regular, gym visits become second nature.

Break It Down

Committing to your gym membership is an investment, but one well worth making. Break down your membership’s value based on how often you frequent the gym and how it adds to your life. You aren’t just dedicating time to working out, but to building your total body health. Purlife gym members enjoy access to PurBar – our Delray Beach juice bar. Fuel your body with freshly prepared, healthy meals, 100% organic juices and raw, vegan snacks.

Go Social with Fitness Classes

Purlife offers small group fitness classes in everything from PurBootcamp to PurYoga. There’s something for everyone and every fitness goal. Classes are catered to the individual to be performed at your own pace and speed. Trainers encourage you throughout the workout and the social aspect makes our group fitness classes a fun experience to keep you coming back week after week.