purlife cardio Do you struggle to get all the cardiovascular exercise your body needs? Is motivating yourself to keep your heart rate up a real challenge? Are you bored with all the same old approaches to cardio workouts? If you answered yes, the PurCardio class is what you have been missing.

This high-energy, always-exciting class is designed to give you an explosive cardio workout in a short amount of time. By relying on new techniques, great coaches, and a group dynamic, a PurCardio class helps you to achieve your fitness goals and have a lot more fun doing it.

Why Cardio Training is Essential

Cardiovascular exercise is the oldest and still most reliable form of exercise for a reason. If you want to look great, feel great, and be truly healthy, you need to get your heart rate elevated. This forces your whole body to start burning energy, burning fat, and pushing itself to perform at its peak.

Weight training is great for building up your strength and muscular endurance. And various forms of hybrid training are great at providing a kind of condensed workout. But it is only with the kind of focused cardiovascular exercise that the PurCardio class offers that you can whip your body into shape.

Cardio is great for losing weight and boosting your athletic endurance. But the benefits have to do with a lot more than just your waistline and performance in the gym. When you regularly take a PurCardio class, you sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, and don’t go through up and down mood swings. It improves every part of you both mentally and physically. The PurCardio class offers the kind of fitness that transforms your life.

How the PurCardio Class Works

Most people know that cardiovascular exercise is important. But the thought of spending hours on a treadmill or exercise bike leaves them bored. And the results they get from this kind of repetitive approach are disappointing.

The PurCadio class has been specifically designed to eliminate the drudgery or cardio while accelerating the amount of fat you burn.  The class is 60 minutes long and has a limit of ten participants. It is led by one of our experienced instructors who takes you through a routine of high-intensity exercises followed by strategic periods of rest. The specifics of each session change all the time, but the focus is on the following types of highly-effective cardio training.

  • Sprints – Quick bursts of energy get your heart racing and push your body to its limits
  • Hill Running – Adding elevation to the average run maximizes results while providing a superior lower-body workout
  • Arc Training – These machines take advantage of advanced engineering to deliver the low-impact workout of an elliptical in a format that has a bigger impact on your personal fitness
  • Stair Climbing – An activity that most people do every day become an intense workout that burns fat while building muscle throughout the body

From beginning to end, you can expect a PurCardio class to get your heart pumping, make the sweat start dripping, and push your cardio workout to the next level and beyond. It is the optimal workout for people who want to promote heart and lung function while burning up to 700 calories in a single session.

Why the PurCardio Class Works

First and foremost, the PurCardio class delivers more of the fitness results people are looking for in less time because it relies on the best of exercise science. Each minute of each workout has been calibrated to help you get a superior cardiovascular workout. It takes the best features of multiple approaches and combines them into one routine.

The PurCardio class is about more than just the movements, though. One of the reasons that people struggle so much with cardio is because it is often boring. And motivating yourself can be hard when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. The PurCardio class works because it makes cardio fun, and it makes achieving new goals truly exciting.

Each class is taught by a high-energy instructor who is both an exercise and motivational expert. These instructors know how to be both tough and supportive so that you push yourself harder than you would on your own. Plus, since you are working out with a small group of other people who all have the same fitness goals, the feeling of encouragement and camaraderie in a PurCardio class is through the roof.

If you hate cardio, avoid cardio, or feel like your cardio routine is letting you down, a better option is out there. Why not get the well-rounded workout your mind and body needs and actually get excited about cardio at the same time? With the PurCardio class you can start bursting through the boundaries and leaping over the hurdles that hold your fitness goals back. To learn more and find a class that fits into your schedule, contact Purlife Fitness Center at 561-852-9200.