Article by: Megan Kennedy, Purlife Group Fitness Instructor

Pilates Moves - Boca Raton Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor Megan Kennedy

Pilates Moves to Transform the Core: Teaser

Once you become a master of the teaser prep, the next logical progression is the teaser itself. The Pilates teaser is probably one of the most iconic moves in the practice. Mastery of the teaser prep provides you with the adequate strength to hold a teaser. Traditionally, the teaser is a pose, not so much an exercise that you perform multiple repetitions of. But that’s where the TRX comes into play. With the feedback and support of the TRX suspension straps you can perform multiple repetitions of a Pilates teaser with precision and control — which is really what Pilates is all about! Here is a breakdown of the Pilates teaser both on the mat and on the TRX. Practicing Pilates with the TRX is always a guarantee in any Purlife Pilates class.


  • On the mat: SA full teaser begins by laying on your back your with arms and legs fully extended. Begin to slowly peel your back off the mat, lifting your arms over your chest and simultaneously lifting both legs up, squeezing your quadriceps to maintain straight legs. Toes should be pointed. The final position should create a V shape where you essentially balance on your glutes, relying on your core strength to hold you up. You will want to extend your arms out as if you are reaching for your toes or calves with your chin lifted off the chest so you can comfortable gaze at your toes. Sometimes in a Pilates teaser it is appropriate to physically grab your ankles and pull your legs in closer to your body, still maintaining balance and upright posture. Physically holding yourself up may require additional mobility, but the teaser can be performed effectively without the hold.
  • TRX: Start by laying down directly below the anchor point, holding on to the TRX handles. Bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your torso up completely while lifting and lengthening your legs out until you are balanced on the glutes. Begin to open up your arms out into a chest fly. A teaser on the TRX feels much more stable than it does on the mat as you have the added support and direction from the straps. However, it creates a safe movement pattern to achieve high repetitions with control and can help build the balance and stability to make a mat teaser feel like a breeze.

The Pilates-inspired TRX exercises don’t end at the teaser. Keep an eye out for the next installment where I utilize the TRX plank position to intensify and mimic traditional mat exercises. See you on the mat! (Wednesdays 5:45am and Sundays 10:30am).

Megan Kennedy
Purlife Group Fitness Instructor – Boca Raton