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For those who live in Boca Raton, Florida and are looking for a local gym, there is a great, standout option available. This is not a cookie cutter chain gym in Boca Raton that has the same equipment and facilities you can get anywhere. This is a lifestyle center for those who want a positive environment and are ready for a serious commitment to better health. PurLife Fitness Center has the proper equipment and staff to help members reach a diverse range of goals, whether that includes weight loss, strength, or increased endurance with an individualized approach and committed employees. Our luxury gym in Boca Raton offers a welcoming, close-knit community where members, staff, and trainers all have the common aspirations of improved performance and health in the right environment. The club also has operating hours that are convenient for those with busy schedules and many other commitments. PurLife opens early and stays open late during the week.


Our gym in Boca Raton has a space unlike any other local fitness center. Standard equipment and workout space is available, but there is so much more. There are also customized eight week programs that deliver great results within a short time frame. Trainers have the right knowledge and skill set to help give the right kinds of results within a specific period, which is way more effective than trying to figure it out alone through trial and error. Our philosophy is centered on building a healthy lifestyle to get results, rather than a compartmentalized approach to workouts or training sessions alone. Our facilities also include PurGreens, an organic restaurant with fresh, healthy foods and PurStrands, a Goldwell certified salon to contribute to your overall wellness and refuel after workouts. The friendly staff will provide assistance and helpful information during your visits to make your use of time as efficient as possible. A simple choice to join a gym in Boca Raton can transform your life in ways you had never imagined!

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Those who are interested in obtaining all of these benefits and getting a membership can contact us today. Some gyms just get members to sign up and dedicate to monthly payments, and then forget about serving them. PurLife takes the opposite approach with constant member attention and new developments to keep trips to the gym exciting. Members receive access to equipment that includes free weights, group fitness studios, yoga and cardio classes, and Olympic lifting platforms. The first part of the membership process also includes a body scan and body fat analysis to aid in creating realistic, attainable goals. This first stage is a crucial step in developing your personalized blueprint for healthy living and consistency. The staff will help guide you through from this initial assessment to becoming an individual with a highly functioning athletic body. Personal trainers are also a permanent fixture in the gym, and they have access to the latest health and nutrition information, along highly specialized for members who are serious and dedicated to transforming their lives. When asking about a membership, please check to see if promotions or other discounts available.

Boca Raton Gym
PurLife Fitness Center
9 Plaza Real S, Suite 111
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Phone: 561-826-4577