fitness delray beach

Fitness Delray Beach – From The Beach To The Gym

Fitness Delray Beach

At Purlife Fitness Center, we’re the gym of the future. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take advantage of our ideal location in Downtown Delray Beach. Located so close to the beach and other prime workout real estate, we make sure to take our fitness Delray Beach workouts out of the gym and into the open air.

Saturday Morning Bootcamp

Join us Saturday mornings at 8:30am for PurBootcamp. This ain’t no lazy Saturday of shoveling around the house in your bathrobe with coffee in hand. Fitness Trainer Bill Dorton will kick your beautiful assets into tip top shape just across the street from the gym in the green. Expect a vicious workout of cardio mixed with strength training moves to begin your weekend right.

Delray Beach Bootcamp

Located less than a mile from the beach, we take full advantage of Delray Beach’s sandy shores. On special Bootcamp days, we’ll meet down on the shores of Delray Beach for a beachside workout. The sand and surf give natural resistance for a sandblasted workout that will make you burn before the morning’s even begun. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with these surprise classes and other events.

Take It To The Street

Delray Beach is ranked by Coastal Living as one of the Happiest Seaside Towns in the USA. For those beautiful, blue days where the treadmill just isn’t cutting it, take your warm up run to that streets and jog through Delray’s charming neighborhoods. Palm trees, sea grapes and coastal cottages line the streets of your run. Currently, Delray Beach is undergoing some major street renovations to not only make it more beautiful, but also safer for pedestrians.

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