Hometown: Andover, OH


College: Kent State 


About Me: My two passions in life have always been sports and to be of service to others. I’ve found the perfect fusion of those in the fitness industry with personal training. Witnessing how resistance training and proper nutrition coaching can enhance a client’s quality of life is incredibly rewarding and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share that knowledge. I fell in love with the community and culture that Purlife exemplifies and I hope to continue to empower people in their own personal health and wellness journeys for years to come. 



  • Strength Training
  • Athletic Performance
  • Mobility and Correctional Exercise 
  • Recovery and Stress Management 

Experience: 5 yrs in the Fitness Industry 


My Motto: Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough that they won’t want to.  


Bragging Rights: National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT