Delray Beach Juice Bar and Salad Restaurant

Taking the Delray Beach Juice Bar to a New Level

Recharge your day with a power-packed lunch or mid-day snack at our Delray Beach Juice Bar, PurGreens. There’s nothing like putting out the effort for an intense workout session. Once you’ve exerted all of that energy we have the perfect solution to refuel and keep your day progressing at optimal efficiency. PurGreens is located inside of Purlife Fitness Center, offering 100% Organic Cold Pressed Juice, Gourmet Healthy Meals, Protein Smoothies and more! Come see why Purlife is the best! You won’t find any midday energy crashers here our juice bar is always stocked with the best products to keep you at the top of your game and your goals.

Organic Juices Made To Order

Fresh thirst quenching and hunger zapping cold-pressed organic juices are always on deck at our Delray Beach Juice Bar -PurGreens, located inside of our Delray Beach Fitness Center. Because we take healthy living seriously, we keep our cases stocked with the very best juices for your body. PurGreens helps you keep your options open with a wide variety of juice choices. We juice on-site, creating custom juice blends to fit the specific needs of our members.

Prepared Meals

We get it. Work. Gym. Life. With a schedule like that who has time to cook? That’s why our Delray Beach Juice Bar offers healthy prepared meals and salads at PurGreens. Guests can indulge in our ever-changing menu of lunches and dinners crafted with their health goals in mind. We eliminate the need to stop and grab something on your way home or back to the office. We did all the planning and preparing for you so you don’t have to. Think of the time you’ll save and the calories you’ll avoid with our PurGreens healthy meals.

Raw Vegan Snacks

We provide an array of vegan snacks convenient for eating on the go. “Purlifers” can stop by the bar after their workout grab what they need and be out of the front door in 2 minutes or less. All of our raw vegan goodies are freshly made, kept cool and ready to consume for your convenience. Vegan snacks are filled with all of the good stuff our bodies crave each day. From their nutritional and enzyme value to the delicious taste of good eats, our vegan snacks are just what the doctor ordered.

Unleash The Power of Organic Juice

Our bodies function a lot like cars. A car’s performance is strongly impacted by the owner’s maintenance routine or lack there of. Our bodies take on a similar stance. If we fail to maintain our bodies properly with a nutritious diet and routine physical activity the performance level of the body will decline over time. Even more parallel is the analogy of fueling a car. We would never put regular fuel in a top of the line luxury model car because it would affect the car’s performance. Our bodies respond in a similar way as well. Fueling our body with artificial preservatives, sugars and chemically infused substances can take a toll. Fueling our bodies with organic, nutritious, substances packed with nutrients and all natural ingredients kicks our bodies into top performance. That’s why we knew it was so important to add this nutritional element into our Delray Beach Fitness Center.

Infusing a routine of organic juice into your daily diet pays off in a big way! Not only do the juices at PurGreens taste phenomenal, but they also:

  • Spike a huge increase in your energy level!
  • Boost your immune system!
  • Promote & help to maintain weight loss!
  • Encourage & support brain health functions in your body!

All of these benefits and more can spring from adding organic juices into your schedule. However, we understand that sometimes you just don’t have time for prepping, juicing and post cleaning. No worries, PurGreens does it for you! You’ll find a wide variety of healthy and tasty juices, prepared meals, and vegan snacks, all for your convenience. Our goal of creating the premiere Delray Beach Juice Bar has all come to fruition at PurGreens. PurGreens is a place where gym members and public guests can come enjoy fresh organic juices, our fitness center, personal styling services in an upbeat, friendly environment.

At Purlife we know that you need more than just a place to pump weights and run treadmills. True health is well rounded, encompassing body, mind and soul. Our Boca Raton Gym empowers you to make wise health choices in your overall life that includes what you do, how you think and what you eat. Feed yourself some awesome at the hottest Juice Bar’s around – PurGreens.