In these uncertain times we are faced with decisions that affect both our safety and sanity. The phrase “New Normal” has dominated the headlines for months now! Purlife Fitness Centers have always strived to be a leader in the communities we operate in, so our stance as we move into new territories concerning the reopening of our clubs is “ABNORMAL!”

Phase 2 guidelines for Palm Beach county were modified recently and we want to explain how it affects Purlife Fitness Centers and its Members. On September 1, 2020, the County Administrator provided the Board of County Commissioners an Incremental Phase 2 re-opening plan that was submitted to Governor DeSantis with a request to move Palm Beach County to an incremental Phase 2 re-opening. This plan was approved and enacted on September 8th, 2020. As part of this plan gyms and fitness centers are allowed to operate at 100% from the previous 50% restriction. On September 25th, 2020 Governor DeSantis announced Phase 3 reopening guidelines that allowed restaurants, bars, salons, and other businesses to open at 100%.

Understanding the new allowances, Purlife Fitness is choosing to err on the side of caution and operate our clubs at a capacity that allows for appropriate social distancing. Since our reopening we have operated with your safety in mind and we think you will agree we left no stone unturned.

New Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

5:00am   –  Club opens for members
1:00pm   –  Club open for our members over 50 only!
2:00pm   –  All members allowed to use facility
9:00pm   –  Club closes

Saturday – Sunday

7:00am – 7:00pm

*Our staff will use our EvaClean Protexus Backpack Fogging System throughout the day to disinfect the facilities.

Class Schedule

Class sizes will be limited to abide by our social distancing guidelines. You can see the Class Schedules by clicking the links below or on the Purlife Fitness App.

Delray Beach Class Schedule

Boca Raton Class Schedule

New Member Safety Protocols

The safety of our staff and members is still our top priority. We will continue to implement the following safety guidelines per the CDC’s recommendations.

  • Face Masks. Members must wear a mask to enter the facility. We are offering a free Purlife Fitness face mask upon request.
  • Temperature Checks. We will quickly scan every member using a touch-less infrared thermometer during the check-in process. Any member with a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Members will be encouraged to go directly to our locker rooms, or private bathrooms, and wash their hands upon entry to the club. Our disinfecting wipes, located throughout the facility, can also be used to sanitize hands.
  • Every staff member’s temperature will be taken before the start of their shift. Staff exhibiting a temperature above 100.4 will be sent home until they are feeling better.
  • Social distancing recommendations will be enforced throughout the club. We ask that you stay 6 feet away from other members while inside the facility.
  • We have installed clear plexiglass dividers between our cardio equipment to keep members safe while in use.
  • The entire team will be part of our increased cleaning and sanitation schedule. We will ensure the entire facility is disinfected multiple times per day.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Sanitation supplies will be used throughout the facility.
  • All Members should use disinfecting wipes, located throughout the facility, to wipe down machines before and after use.
  • Our showers are now open, however we are discontinuing towel service until further notice, to comply with CDC guidelines. Members will be required to bring their own towel during their visit.
  • We purchased EvaClean Protexus Backpack Fogging System using PurOne Sanitizing Tabs to be used throughout the facility.
  • We purchased OmniAir Hepa 1000V medical grade air scrubbers to be place throughout the facilities. These units use UV and Peroxide technology to clean 100% of the air several times per hour.
  • We repainted all touchable painted surfaces with new Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield Microbicidal Paint technology. This technology kills viruses and pathogens for up to 4 years once applied to a surface.

Should You Come Back?

According to the CDC, we know that risk of COVID-19 infection is higher for those with preexisting conditions, including cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD, serious heart conditions, sickle cell disease, type 2 diabetes, as well as those who are clinically obese or who are immunocompromised. If this sounds like you, then perhaps training at the gym isn’t in your best health interest. We have several fitness options for the members choosing to stay home, please contact your locations manger for more details.

Purlife Fitness will continuously monitor and follow the advice of health officials in the areas we operate in. Please follow us on social media for updates and changes.

Looking Forward!

We know everyone is eager to work off all of the extra pounds they may have put on during the stressful summer we all went through! Purlife Fitness is happy to announce our “Abnormal Fitness Challenge” starting in October. Stay tuned to our social media for rules and start date.

Yours in Health,

T Tomko
CEO | Founder
Purlife Fitness Centers

Delray Beach Gym Location

Delray Beach Gym Map

Boca Raton Gym Location

Boca Raton Gym Map