Can a Gym be the new watercooler?

While some seem to believe that social media is the new watercooler, fitness lovers will argue that the Gym is the place to hang out and socialize. A 2011 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that the exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your exercise habits. It works as peer pressure on your advantage.

The trip to the Gym

The positive effect of a training buddy can start by scheduling a ride to the gym with a friend. If you have the commitment on a particular date and time, you are more likely to keep it if someone is checking on you. Also, the mutual incentive will energize you.

Group Exercises or Personal Focus

If you are joining a gym you probably will want to check out the group exercise classes. Find the right fit between the instructor, the group mates and the best time for you may be a struggle. However, when you do connect and find your best workout time, going to the gym becomes going to a party. You get dressed up to see some friends on a fun environment with music.

Social Buddies Versus Earbuds

The friendly ambience at the gym my be intimidating for some. The social anxiety which prevented co-workers from joining the lively conversation by the watercooler at the office may be the same that prevents some to join a fitness center. For the social butterflies who enjoy jogging and talking may come as a surprise that some people would rather not workout then be with others.

But there is a way around social anxiety at the gym. It is easier to connect with one person than a whole crowd. So it will be better to get the help of a personal trainer. Your instructor can coach you for a while and let you enjoy your earbuds.

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