4 Unexpected Perks of a Juice Cleanse

4 Unexpected Perks of a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are nothing new to the health world yet they include many unperceived and unanticipated perks to both the mind and body.  We tend to conceptualize juicing solely as a means for weight loss and the highly ambiguous process of detoxing — yet that train of thought diminishes the other boosts we see following a cleanse. While of course leaning out is often a positive byproduct of this commitment, it is only the beginning of what you can expect to gain.  After my first time ever cleansing with the My Organic Juice 3 Day Standard Cleanse, I experienced mental and physical shifts that I frankly never saw coming. Here are 4 lasting benefits you can be rewarded with too:

  1. Mindful eating suddenly makes sense.

  2. You’ve heard the phrase before, to eat “mindfully” or to be in tune with your body’s signals for satiety.  Easier said than done, right?  Prior to cleansing, I was a lifetime member of the “I ate too much now I’m tired” club.  However, when I started bringing whole foods back into my diet, almost instinctively, I caught myself eating slower, eating with gratitude, and ultimately eating less.  I went from vacuum cleaning my plate to attaining unmistakable awareness of how much I was eating and how fast.  Smaller portions become satisfying and more energizing than their over-sized counterparts.

  3. You have a renewed sense of motivation.

  4. Committing to a juice cleanse of any length is a major commitment and without a doubt requires will power.  Your cleanse is a short term goal (by means of time not importance) and the completion of it will leave you feeling confident.  Often the road to success towards long term goals is attributed to the mini victories along the way.  You can let your cleanse be just that–a stepping stone to accomplishing other big things on your plate–whether it’s weight loss or excelling in school or work–a completed cleanse can bestow that confidence in you to get after it.

  5. The drive to stick to your healthy lifestyle intensifies.

  6. A juice cleanse can either serve as your debut into a healthier life or it can simply serve as maintenance.  Whichever it may be it can give you a sense of responsibility to want to preserve your hard work and honor the commitment you made, as opposed to throwing it all away by gorging on your favorite junk foods.  I was honestly surprised that I had no desire to binge after my 3 days were up. For me  it was due to the fact that I was so satisfied eating reasonable portions of clean food that I couldn’t even fathom sticking my hand into a bag of chips. That “bottomless pit” sensation in my stomach just wasn’t there anymore.

  7. You’ll be glowing from the inside out–but not instantly!

  8. Megan Juice Cleanse
    Juice cleanses are often given credit for clearing up skin conditions like acne and as basic human physiology suggests, much of what we ingest affects  the inflammatory properties of the skin.  Being limited to raw juices and small servings of raw vegetables could inhibit many of the inflammatory pathways from overstimulation and therefor may potentially reduce the formation of acne.  However, it is also important to understand that our skin is an excretory organ so during a cleanse many toxins could be released via the skin and might momentarily aggravate it.  For me, I noticed a break out a few days post-cleanse that cleared up relatively quickly.  Once my skin healed, it was softer, clearer, and brighter than it was before.  Patience is truly key!

    Bottom line–completing a juice cleanse can be a very rewarding experience. When you’re ready to feel refreshed, head to the MyOrganicJuice.com “shop” tab where you can select your cleanse (standard, no fruit, or custom), the length of your cleanse (1,3,5, 7, or 10 days), and your date of delivery.  Your juices will be delivered the night before the chosen start date.  Juices can also be purchased at both Purgreens in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

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